Reschcor’s Lean Initiatives: Increase Production and Boost Morale

Sep 26, 2013

By: Rachele Plencner, Quality Manager

The Lean initiative at Reschcor goes beyond cleaning, organizing and standard work improvements. It is a mindset – a culture shift that will guide our team of dedicated professionals to a world class level.

The Lean initiative was introduced to Reschcor in February of 2012 as several employees had experienced prior success utilizing the Lean Manufacturing techniques and sought to replicate those achievements. This has signified an impactful culture shift within our organization. We seek to challenge our tried and true practices to form an even more productive, safer, and efficient work environment.

Although this culture shift takes adjustments and dedicated effort on behalf of the team, we have been very successful so far. At the beginning level, we have implemented 5S, standardized work, SMED, and some Kanban systems. Additionally, all of Reschcor’s employees receive training from the local Chamber of Commerce and Reliable Lean Associates.

As this Initiative grows and our culture shifts to completely embrace and adopt Lean’s philosophies, Reschcor will be able to better serve its customers. This is because the Lean program enables our team to respond quicker to customer demands and increase quality and profitably, which ultimately leads to competitive pricing as compared to the competition.

Since our ultimate goal is to satisfy all customer requirements in the most efficient manner, we are pleased that the Lean initiatives help make our job(s) easier, which leads to increased morale, streamlined processes, and decreased turnover rates. We are confident that Reschcor’s team will work hard to meet our goal of world class level.