Services: Quality, Custom, Engineering


At Reschcor, we take the necessary steps every day to guarantee our plastic extruded manufactured parts exceed our customer expectations and meet the rigid industry standards. Quality is our passion and we are always striving to do it right the first time. To accomplish our goal, we utilize expert production personnel to authenticate the features of our extruded plastic profiles to ensure consistency and performance.

Regular audits using the latest in-line measurement technology, like ultrasonic measurement and in-line measuring, are conducted by the Quality team to guarantee product specifications are met. Our equipped lab monitors impact, dimensional stability, material color specifications, and other production controls that are crucial to our customers’ projects.

Reschcor continually adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard to guarantee quality and customer requirements. Click here to submit your request.

Quality doesn’t simply derive from the application itself, but the exceptional service that Reschcor is widely known for:

  • Timely communications to ensure the project is properly managed from concept to completion.
  • A valuable partnership to exemplify a strong collaborative effort
  • Forward-thinking to proactively find process efficiencies and maximize the quality of your project

Reschcor continually adheres to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard to guarantee quality and customer requirements. Click here to submit your request.


Reschcor will help you surpass the competition with innovative tooling designs maximizing process efficiency and ensuring a quality final product. The development and manufacturing of sophisticated extrusion profiles is Reschcor’s specialty.

Our current capabilities include:

  • Profiles from as small as .030” up to 24” wide.
  • Rigid and flexible tubing as small as .150” OD up to 8.000” OD.
  • Performance materials meeting high heat deflection and/or exceptional impact resistance specifications.
  • Co-extruded or Tri-extruded profiles (Dual Durometer profiles).
  • Both flexible and rigid profiles meeting a wide range of hardness and durometer specifications.
  • Exterior grade, highly weatherable raw materials to provide years of maintenance free performance.
  • Single wall and Multi-hollow profiles.
  • Clear profiles providing exceptional clarity necessary for applications such as lenses and commercial lighting.
  • Introduction of chemical foaming agents which enhance the properties of the profile while reducing weight.

By clearly identifying the application and collaborating with the customer regarding the design, Reschcor’s engineers make our customers’ products exceptional. We work with our customers from inception to completion, adhering to our high standards on every detail of the project. Timing is everything and the entire Reschcor team is laser-focused on meeting your strict timeline. Our experience with total process control assures component system performance that efficiently yields high quality profiles.


When it comes to new profile/tool design, Reschcor is prepared with in-house capabilities which allow our expert engineers to design and build specialty tools. Our in-house tool room is fully equipped with state-of-the-art CNC Lathes, CNC Mills, and Wire EDM machines that bring added value to the design of your custom profiles. As your trusted partner, we offer reduced lead times and delivery costs as well as the security of knowing your design is kept confidential.

We are specialists at transferring existing customer tooling which can be modified and adapted for our equipment on behalf of current and prospective customers. Our thorough evaluation of existing customer tooling allows us the opportunity to make improvements resulting in better tool performance which equates to better processing efficiency and ultimate savings for your business!

Our team of skilled engineers and tooling experts do not hesitate when it comes to reviewing a new project. Within 24 hours of receiving your RFQ, our engineering team is hard at work behind the scenes reviewing all drawing details, designing tooling, and defining necessary process workflow. Finally, specifications for labeling and packaging are established to ensure that even the smallest details of your project meet your satisfaction.