Reschcor Expands Operations As It Moves Into New Bristol Facility

Aug 26, 2015

Bristol, IN – August 24, 2015 – While work crews were building their new facility in Bristol, Ind., the owners of Reschcor Inc., a family-run custom extruding business, decided to grow beyond their original plans by adding two production lines and some 8,000 square feet of space.

The manufacturing plant and offices, which now total 88,000 square feet, officially opens Aug. 24 about 15 minutes from the 51,000-square-foot base the company outgrew in Elkhart.

When the relocation is complete, Reschcor will have a total of 18 extrusion lines — up from 16 — and 120 employees. The expansion is creating 20 new jobs and almost all of the positions are filled.

“We saw things improving in the business and we decided to make it a little bigger while we were under construction,” President Tom Reschly said in a telephone interview. “We’ve been cramped for space in Elkhart for some time and it’s really put a damper on our ability to grow and service existing customers.”

Founded 30 years ago, Reschcor makes profiles and tubing from specialty and commodity resins for a wide variety of end markets. Most of its customers deal in door and window profiles, decks and rails, and agriculture; others serve the appliance and furniture industries.

“We’re seeing a lot of strength in those end markets,” Reschly said. “A lot of our growth is a mix of existing and new customer growth.”

To keep up with demand as well as improve flexibility and efficiency, Reschcor has invested a lot — although the company won’t say exactly how much — in new equipment. The two additional production lines include single- and twin-screw extruders. The owners also increased automation for the material handling system — the company has rail service now, too — and bought the latest systems for chillers and compressed air.

Reschly said built-in redundancies will allow the business to shut down a portion of the operation for maintenance without disrupting production at all.

The Bristol facility also will have room for Reschcor to use tri-extrusion on half the lines compared to just one in Elkhart.

In addition, with the extra space, the operation will have a better work flow, which should make it a safer place, Reschly said.

“Right now we’re choppy with our layout and material handling,” he explained. ‘We’re introducing another layer of safety. We’ve installed many more finished goods racking systems. Not to get into too many details but the way we store finished goods and raw materials is an improvement.”

One working condition that isn’t changing is the reward for longevity, which includes an all-expenses paid trip worth $2,000, $500 cash and 24 extra hours of vacation times for those who mark 20 years on the job.

“We’ve always prided ourselves to be one of the best places to work in plastics industry,” Reschly said. “This facility really takes it to another level. We consider it to be the safest plant we could have constructed and with the amenities we offer employees we’re looking forward to increased worker satisfaction. It will be a comfortable experience for all employees.”

As for the old facility, the Reschly family owns it and plans to hold onto it.

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