Tooling & Design

The Plastic Extrusion Die

Plastic extrusion dies serve as the form for molten plastic. They create the shape or profile from the extruded plastic. Plastic extrusion dies are designed and built by our knowledgeable and experienced engineers to meet customer’s specifications. Standardized dies are also available. Dies are then machined out of metal materials to withstand the high temperatures of molten plastic.

Plastic extrusion dies may require occasional cleaning to maintain their integrity. Failing to properly maintain the die may result in impressions or imperfections on the extruded product surface and reduced dimensional accuracy of the extruded profile. To clean the extrusion die, flushing or purging may be used during operation or the die may be disassembled for manual cleaning.

A few methods for cleaning extrusion tools are:

Precise Engineering with Detailed Execution

When it comes to new profile/tool design, Reschcor is prepared with in-house capabilities that allow our expert engineers to design and build specialty tools. Our in-house tool room is fully equipped with state-of-the-art CNC Lathes, CNC Mills, and Wire EDM machines that bring added value to the design of your custom profiles. As your trusted partner, we offer reduced lead times and delivery costs as well as the security of knowing your design is kept confidential.

We are specialists at transferring existing customer tooling which can be modified and adapted for our equipment on behalf of current and prospective customers. Our thorough evaluation of existing customer tooling allows us the opportunity to make improvements resulting in better tool performance which equates to better processing efficiency and ultimate savings for your business!

Our team of skilled engineers and tooling experts do not hesitate when it comes to reviewing a new project. Within 24 hours of receiving your RFQ, our engineering team is hard at work behind the scenes reviewing all drawing details, designing tooling, and defining necessary process workflow. Finally, specifications for labeling and packaging are established to ensure that even the smallest details of your project meet your satisfaction.