In-Line Fabrication

The In-Line Fabrication Process

Plastic extrusion finishes can give a plastic profile enhanced appeal. Embossing and patterns can be applied to the plastic after it exits the die to give the appearance of a texture like wood grain or leather. Some plastic profiles require additional finishing post extrusion to give added functionality.

Post Extrusion Forming

Post Extrusion forming involves shaping the plastic profile after extrusion. Usually forming is done on flat or rigid plastics while they are still hot from the extrusion process. After cooling the plastic, finishes like notching and routing are also easily added. Other shaping processes that can be performed on an extruded plastic product after extrusion include punching, drilling, and cutting. All of these finishes are used to give a product its final shape and add extra functionality depending on the product’s purpose.

Printing and Applications

Depending on the purpose of the extruded plastic profile, printing and applications can be highly customized. Printing is best performed after the extrusion and forming process. Anything from logos to timestamps and dates can be printed onto the plastic. If the project requires the application of labels, adhesives, or magnets, these can also be applied at this time.

Our team takes the time to fully understand the demands of the final application, collaborating with the customer on all aspects of the design ultimately ensuring part quality and manufacturing repeatability for years to come.

Our full line of in-line fabrication service includes: