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Solutions for Your Most Complex Plastic Extrusions

Reschcor will help you surpass the competition with innovative tooling designs maximizing process efficiency  and ensuring a quality final product.  The development and manufacturing of sophisticated extrusion profiles is Reschcor’s specialty.  Our current capabilities include:


  • Profiles from as small as .030” up to 24” wide.
  • Rigid and flexible tubing as small as .150” OD up to 8.000” OD.
  • Single wall and Multi-hollow profiles.
  • Co-extruded or Tri-extruded profiles (Dual Durometer profiles).
  • Both flexible and rigid profiles meeting a wide range of hardness and durometer specifications.
  • Exterior grade, highly weatherable raw materials to provide years of maintenance free performance.
  • Performance materials meeting high heat deflection and/or exceptional impact resistance specifications.
  • Clear profiles providing exceptional clarity necessary for applications such as lenses and commercial lighting.
  • Introduction of chemical foaming agents which enhance the properties of the profile while reducing weight.


By clearly identifying the application and collaborating with the customer regarding the design, Reschcor’s engineers make our customers’ products exceptional. We work with our customers from inception to completion adhering to our high standards on  every detail of the project.  Timing is everything and the entire Reschcor team is laser-focused on meeting your strict timeline.  Our experience with total process control assures component system performance that efficiently yields high quality profiles.