Wood Plastic Composite

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) involves mixing wood fibers with a polymer prior to extrusion. This new compound will retain some of the properties of wood while gaining the added properties from the polymer. PVC, polyethylene, and polypropylene are the most commonly used plastics in a wood plastic composite product.


Many applications call for the use of wood; however, pure wood can hold many negative characteristics. Due to being a natural material, weak spots and other impurities can be present in wood. Pure wood holds moisture, making it susceptible to rot and weathering. By utilizing a wood plastic composite, characteristics from the polymer are added to enhance the desired characteristics and remove the negative characteristics in the wood.

Wood plastic composite products are consistent throughout with even density. Impurities and weak spots have been removed or strengthened by the added polymer. Water absorption is also lowered meaning that rotting, weathering, splintering, or splitting is less likely to occur. Wood treatments such as painting and staining can be used on wood plastic composite products as well, making them a popular choice for many applications that would benefit from the look of wood without the negative characteristics of real wood.



Wood Plastic Composite is a popular solution in the building and construction industry. WPC products can withstand various environments making them a great material for many construction applications such as siding, decking, fencing & rail, flooring, furniture as well as door and window components.

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